SPRITE Bath Ball Replacement Cartridge Bundle x 2 (Save 10%)

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Replacement filter cartridge for the SPRITE Bath Ball Filter x 2 bundle (Save 10%).

Ideal filter for anyone desiring clean, sediment-free bathing, this bath ball filter reduces dirt, unpleasant odours and chlorine, ensuring a healthier bathing experience.

The Sprite bath ball filter will eliminate dirt, sediment, odours and chlorine that causes dry, itchy, flaky skin, brittle hair, eye, lung and sinus irritation.

SPRITE Bath Ball Replacement Cartridge Bundle x 2 (Save 10%)
2 x SPRITE Replacement Cartridge for Bath Ball Filter   + $0.00 View detail

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SPRITE Bath Ball Replacement Cartridge Bundle x 2 (Save 10%)
SPRITE Bath Ball Replacement Cartridge Bundle x 2 (Save 10%)

In stock



    Replacement Cartridge for the Bath Ball x 2 - Save 10%

    (100 full Baths full)

    The Bath Ball filter utilises a patented technology with patented chlorgon and KDF which will reduce/remove dirt, sediment, odours and free and combined chlorine. The filter reduces/ reduces lime scale, mold, and mildew deposits.

     The size is 9.5cm wide, and 8.5cm high.  Your tap length must be a minimum of 9cm long for the bath ball to be securely attached. 

    Quick facts:

    • Made from non-toxic and recyclable materials.

    • Removes/ reduces both free and combined chlorines

    • Compact design so it doesn't get in your way when having a bath

    • Easy to install on most bath tap as it hangs from the bath tub tap spout

    • Each replacement filter lasts approximately 50 full baths.

    • Includes one White Bath Ball and one filter.

    • If you have 2 taps going into the bath you will need 2 Bath Ball filters

    More Information

    Q: How much is it per litre?

    A: The cost per litre is $0.10.

    Q: Will it remove heavy metals?

    A: Yes, we remove 99.99% of heavy metals instantly.

    Q: Will the filter remove fluoride?

    A: Yes, we remove up to 90% of fluoride instantly.

    Q: How long does the filter last?

    A: 600 litres, or approximately 200 refills. You can keep using the filter until it clogs and will no longer process water. Anything that comes through the filter is safe and pure.

    Q: How will I know when to change the filter?

    A: When the flow gets slower and slower and you prefer a quicker flow.

    Q: How fast does it take to fill the jug with filtered water?

    A: Usually about 6 - 10 minutes. However, if the water source you are using is particularly turbid or contaminated it may take longer.

    Q: Can I use with salt water?

    A: No, to desalinate you would need a desalination machine or distiller, both of which are very expensive options.

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    SPRITE Bath Ball Replacement Cartridge Bundle x 2 (Save 10%)

    $125.98 Regular Price $139.98