Frequently Asked Questions about Fill2Pure water filtration.

Yes we are Whole Life Filters. This means we filter out the same percentage of contaminants at the end of our filter life as we do at the beginning. Our filters do not expire so you do not have to throw them away after a certain time period. Eventually they will clog and will need replacing. This is indicated by a slower flow, but anything that comes through is filtered to the same high standard.

You can use our Advanced or Extreme filters with any fresh water source, tap water, river, stream, lake, swimming pool or drain. Do not use the filter with salt or sea water.

You can use our pH Alkaline and Regular Filters with any treated municipal tap water.

No, you do not need to use any purification tablets or drops with our filters. With our Advanced and Extreme filters you can drink from any fresh water source.

Yes all our products come with a filter inside. We recommend taking an extra filter if your trip is for a few months or longer.

Yes, our filters leave in beneficial trace minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Our filters basically look after themselves when used with some care.

  • Do not use soap, any cleaning product, hot water or anything except for water on the filter or in the bottle or Jug as you may damage it and plug up the microscopic pore openings.
  • Do not store your bottle or Jug full for long periods of time while not in the fridge without using it, this could prematurely clog your filter.
  • Do not place the bottle or Jug in the freezer (when water freezes it expands and could damage the bottle and/or filter).
  • Do not put in the dishwasher or sauna.

The capacity of each bottle filter is 400 litres, and each Jug filter is 600 litres. The time to change the filter is when you are no longer satisfied with the rate of flow. You do not need to keep count of the litres, you will know when you need to change it as the flow will become reduced and slower. Any water that comes through the filter is filtered to the same high standard right to the last drop, eventually the flow will become so diminished, and then it's time to replace the filter. Our filters do not expire.

If you are wanting to filter tap water (treated municipal tap water) you can use the Regular Filters. If you are filtering tap water but also want to add minerals or raise the pH Alkalinity of the water, use our pH Alkalising filters.

If you are wanting to filter river, lake , stream or water from a 3rd World Country choose our Advanced or Extreme Filter products.

Before putting it away for periods of time it is best to remove your filter and lid from the bottle and rinse all parts with chlorinated tap water. Then dry the lid and bottle and air dry the filter for a few days (shaking the water out) then reassemble the bottle and put it away. As long as its it put away clean and dry it will have the same capacity left for use next time and the filters never expire.

There is a big difference between Absolute and Nominal Water Filters:

Absolute Filter: An absolute water filter has pore sizes that are absolutely the same pore size. An absolute filter is a filter capable of cutting off 100% by weight of solid particles greater than a stated micron size. Absolute Rating is a term used to describe or define the degree of filtration of absolute filter. Generally absolute means 100% removal of solids above a specified micron size by use of absolute filter.

All Fill2Pure water filters are absolute water filters.

Nominal filtration: A nominal pore size rating describes the ability of the filter media to retain the majority of particulate at (60 - 98%) the rated pore size. So the company will nominate their smallest pore size but as water follows the path of least resistance it will not go through these smallest pore sizes first until the larger pore sizes are clogged up.

Our Advanced or Extreme Filter Bottles and Pumps are the best water filters for outdoor use and travel.

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