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Fill2Pure is one of the most Lab and Field Tested portable Water Filter and Purifiers in the World

How do Fill2Pure water filters work?

Fill2Pure products are world-leading water filters and purifiers.

The high-tech, porous, BPA-free, micro-filter is infused with both the finest-granulated activated coconut carbon and Fill2Pure's exclusive adsorbing media. Fill2Pure created a uniform 2-micron absolute pore size for the reduction and removal of all five areas of contamination. Removal of contaminants with carbon is a surface phenomenon known as adsorption, resulting from the molecular attraction of substances to the surface of the carbon. The controlled 0.2-micron filter contains thousands of interconnected omni-directional pores that result in a "tortuous path" for superior analyte reduction. By forcing the source water through the filter, contaminants and pollutants are removed, while beneficial trace minerals remain. Fill2Pure's exclusive Ionic Adsorption Micro-Filtration coordinates all processes of contaminant reduction by adsorption, absorption, chemical bonding, chelation, and depth filtration.

What we remove and reduce

The micro-porous body of the filter spearheads the removal of what is referred to as the “A, B, C, D and R” of water contamination:

  • Aesthetic – unpleasant taste and odours, cloudiness, silt, sediment, chlorine, and chlorine by-products. (All Fill2Pure filter types)
  • Biological – harmful microscopic pathogens, including cryptosporidium, giardia, e-coli, and other cysts and spores. (Fill2Pure Advanced and Extreme Filters only)
  • Chemicals – toxic chemicals (VOCs), trihalomethanes, PCBs, PCEs, detergents, and pesticides. (All Fill2Pure filters)
  • Dissolved Solids – heavy metals including aluminium, fluoride, cadmium, chromium 6, copper, lead, arsenic, and mercury (All Fill2Pure filters)
  • Radiological – gross beta, radon 222, alpha radium 226, uranium, plutonium, cesium 134 and cesium 137. (Fill2Pure Extreme Filters only)

PDF Test Reports:

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SAB Report 2
SAB Report 3
Weck Lab
Water Filter Jug Test
Filter Bottle Test

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