The Fill2Pure jug arrived yesterday and works a treat, thank you!

Betty, B.

I love my Fill2Pure stainless filter bottle, the water at my Mum's house has never tasted so good! Usually I can't drink the water at her house as it tastes strange.

Yvette B

My housemate makes regular coffee at home with water filtered from your Fill2Pure water jug and commented on the difference in taste when he makes his coffee at work with plain tap water compared to how good the coffee tastes at home. No surprises actually, its amazing!

Adele C.

Being a full time horse rider means a lot of physical work and I need to ensure I re-hydrate throughout the day. Unfortunately this also means I used to find myself at venues without hygienic water. It has been fantastic to have the Fill2Pure water filter bottle to confidently drink from any water supply. It also saves me time as I don't have to organise a drink for the day, I just take my Fill2Pure filter bottle!

H. Pickmere

I’m writing in regard to the satisfaction I have received on the Fill2Pure jug. As a kidney dialysis patient it is important that the limited fluid intake I have each day is conducive to good health, which water from this jug is. I recently got my new filter jug and it’s fabulous! I love it! It is amazing how light the water tastes, I know that sounds weird but I have to mix some supplement powders with water 3 times a day and it used to be heavy tasting but now with your filtered water it’s not, it tastes lighter and more refreshing in comparison to regular tap water. So not only is it great for my health (especially my kidneys), it’s good for my taste buds too. I no longer have a bad after taste as the filtered water clears my palate and leaves me feeling refreshed. The filtered water is not just beneficial to me but also to my teen son who does kick boxing and for whom good health is paramount. Thanks for such a wonderful product and I look forward to continuing using my wonderful filter jug.

L. Price

My family has been drinking fresh clean water out of a Fill2Pure water filter jug since 2009. It doesn't matter whether we are in Auckland or on Waiheke Island - it always comes with us. It is a great comfort to know that clean tap water, whether it is sourced from the Waikato River and contains chlorine and unwanted fluoride, or from tank water that may contain pollutants or residue from a near empty tank, is permanently available to us. I highly recommend these jugs - and would really love to get a water bottle for each of the family also! Replacement filters for the jug have remained available and a mere click away.

L. Ruck

I bought a Fill2Pure counter top water filter because I really wanted to remove the fluoride. I have to say the water tastes amazing now! I didn't know what I was missing before!! Thanks!

M. Garner

I'm a keen tramper and have searched for some time for an affordable lightweight filter system for purifying water on the go. Pre-boiling just doesn't work! Anyway I found the Fill2Pure system and purchased a filter bottle from them and headed for the hills. The bottle worked great. Simple and uncomplicated and pumped out pure water trip after trip. Thanks Natasha and the team at Fill2Pure, awesome service. I'll be back!

Neal S.

I am so happy to have found a water filter that delivers a truly efficient filtering system and removes such a broad range of contaminents. Suffering from a chronic illness I am very concerned about the quality of my water and the impact it has on my health. Now I can enjoy lovely tasting, clean water with peace of mind. I was also very impressed with the high standard of personalised service provided. Thank you.

Amy S.

"We have just bought the Fill2Pure jug because of the strong smell and taste of chlorine in the town water supplies that we use to fill up our motorhome while we are travelling around New Zealand. Since using the jug, we have been amazed at the difference in the quality of water we drink, it is now a real pleasure to drink water alone rather than flavouring it with lemon or having to boil it or drink it via hot drinks like coffee. Great product, great result.

Scott & Stefanie S.

We love our Fill2Pure water filter jug, because our water is chlorinated and after the Christchurch earthquakes it was invaluable. The filter jug arrived quickly after payment and we appreciate that.

Diane & Greg

Fill2Pure water bottles are great and I don't go anywhere without mine. The Christchurch water is chlorinated and tastes HORRIBLE!!!! With my filtered bottle I don't taste the chlorinated water any more. It's the best thing since sliced bread !!!!! Thank you very much. And if anyone doesn't have one I suggest you do as it is fantastic for travelling as well.

Melanie W.

I have just received my new Fill2Pure Jug and am delighted with it. It is a great size and I love that it takes out 90% of the fluoride. We have just received that unwelcome new gift in our water supply last year :(

Monica, U.

Wow, I was so impressed with your Fill2Pure products that I bought two and they are now a permanent feature. I think they are amazing, so simple and easy and it is a huge benefit to have fresh purified water from where ever they are filled.

J. Backhouse

I have received my Fill2pure jug, and am so very happy with it, thank you! I also noticed when I tested the water after it went through the filter was that the water was alkalised.

The water I used in the jug was rain water, and was on the acid side (I tested it). I hadn't realised that it would also alkalise the water as well as filter it, this is a real bonus.


We love bushwalking and wanted a top-quality filter bottle...Fill2Pure fitted the bill - excellent quality filter, lightweight and easy to carry and not too expensive!

P. Young

I am a water bottle girl - I have brought probably a dozen water bottles over the past couple of years. Each one seems to offer something great, but none of them have everything I want. Enter - Fill2Pure. I love it!! Aside from its main feature that it filters water it ticks all the other boxes too - stainless steel, the lid locks in easily and doesn't leak and there is a cool flip top on the spout so you don't loose anything or have to carry anything. The strap is great for carrying - haven't used the clip yet but it makes me feel like an extreme athlete which is fun. Oh and I love the soft bottom - I don't get water marks all over my desk and it doesn't slip or make noises. I just had to train myself not to tip it up like I do with those old fashioned drink bottles."

Cara S.

We filled our Fill2Pure filter bottle everywhere on our trip to Europe. Fabulous, lightweight bottle and its great to know the water is safe, clean and tastes great.

K. Fitzsimmons

I've always liked drinking water but I never realised how bad our tap water tasted until we started using your amazing water filter jug. Now we can't bear to drink any other kind of water. At work we have filtered water but the taste does not come anywhere near the refreshing taste that Fill2Pure filter jug produces. A great buy and investment for all the family. Thanks.

James L.

I was able to use the Fill2Pure Travel Safe bottle inside hotels and hostels while travelling across Europe, I felt more secure drinking tap water out of the Fill2Pure bottle. Also there were HEAPS of random water fountains scattered across Europe, but until I put it in the bottle the water was really cold but tasted terrible! Which is when the bottle usage clicked in and it made it taste so much better! So we took every chance to refill and go.

David M.

I use my Fill2Pure bottle every day. I feel so much better knowing that it filters fluoride, chlorine, bacteria and chemicals but keeps in the essential minerals.

M. Wittfield

I have been concerned about the quality and taste of the water in my kid's drink...now they take their Fill2Pure filter bottles to school and fill them up there.

A. Stanton

I was so delighted to receive my water filters only a couple of days after ordering them. I ordered the stainless steel water filter bottles, they look great. On one side is a clip, and on the other side is a handy strap, so they are really easy to carry around. The best thing about them is that I won't need to buy bottled water anymore. As they are BPA free, I won't need to worry about leaving them in the car during summer- my water will still be safe to drink. I definitely will be buying a few of these for Christmas presents!

S. Foletta

I have a particular interest in the water pump as it's both health and environment related - two topics dear to my heart. And even more, I can see the real benefits of it in the Third World for those who need clean water most. I have half a mind to give ours away before we return, to a family who will no doubt have far greater need of it than we, but I'm loath to part with it as I'm a tramper and would use it back here too!

Adrienne W.

I just got back from Asia and for the first time ever I didnt get sick! The 800ml Fill2Pure Travel Safe bottle is the perfect travel companion. Thank you.

C. Butler

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